Counselling Treatments

Invest some time...

We all invest time on our physical health; if we are feeling physically unwell we make an appointment with our GP. So why do we ignore symptoms of emotional ill health?

Do you feel that the hurdles and obstacles you are facing are too difficult to overcome? Are you distressed or in crisis?

Seeking the support of a professional counsellor may help you look at ways to manage these difficulties and ensure a smoother way forward even though you may think that life couldn't possibly improve. Taking the time to share your concerns can result in a shift in your psychological position and a move towards possible change.

If the above sounds familiar, now is the time to invest...

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Individual Therapy £60.00 per session.

Lower cost sessions offered on Tuesdays 09:00-16:00 hours
£50 per session (Individuals)

Each session lasts for fifty minutes.

Concessions are offered but are dependant upon the client's circumstances.

Providing Counselling Treatment Services throughout Herfordshire